3 Amazing Ways How To Open Your Heart To The Flow Of Abundance

Abundance is not about the money that you already have; it is all about how prosperous you feel and how present you can be in the moment with your heart full of gratitude. But, unfortunately, many people have money in millions and trillions in their accounts, yet they remain unsatisfied. Whereas the people who earn daily wages are much happier in their lives.

Believe it or not, you can be a millionaire or billionaire with your positive mindset. However, I have seen many such instances wherein many struggles to feel happy despite being wealthy. It is important to remember and understand that money is just an ENERGY!

Having said that, until we have certain blocks regarding the same, there will be a struggle for sufficient flow of this energy in our lives. For example, wealthy people make money at the cost of fulfiling their life purpose, thus feeling empty, and then they try to fill in the gaps with material pleasure closer to fulfilment. So, where is the balance? How can you make peace with your own life and feel abundant simultaneously?

#1. develop a habit of appreciation for the money that flows in our lives today and every day. 

So it’s essential to show gratitude, which helps activate the Power of Gratitude. When the heart loves money, it loves you back. Our relationship with money is similar; we behave the same as someone loves or mistreats us. Similarly, money is also energy; it won’t love you back if you don’t love or respect it. Thus, it’s important to feel grateful or love the money that currently flows into our lives.

#2 honour and respect the way money appears in your lives.

For instance, many of my coaching clients want to change their career or start their own business, change working patterns, as they are unhappy in the current scenario. What holds them back from giving up is money. They are unable to give or do whatever they want to do because of the financial crunch. Here, it’s essential to understand that it’s okay to start your own business, change the company, or want a promotion in work positions. Still, it is also equally important to show gratitude and respect to the source of money, or medium, say, if you constantly crib, nag about the work you do to earn money, you will subconsciously create the block for receipt of funds.

#3 explore your fear, judgements and belief regarding money. 

We come across the capital from the time we grow up, that is, how the financial situation of ourselves, family, people we hang out with and with whom we study.

Many factors affect our fear, our experiences that dominate our beliefs, feelings concerning money. Therefore, it’s essential to understand our views, judgements and feelings about money. For example, money is considered evil in many societies, or rich people cannot be happy. Such assumptions will hinder money growth because somewhere down the line, you feel that if you grow financially, you will also come across as evil, not being accepted or rejected in society, unappreciated, and many similar aspects. Thus, it’s imperative that if you had a childhood wherein your parents constantly experienced money scarcity or lack, you always tend to identify money associated with absence.

Therefore, it is essential to identify all of it and release it to have a free flow of money in our lives.

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