7 Ways to Help You Get Unstuck When You Feel Stuck In Life

Do you ever feel like nothing in life is working in your favour and that you cannot get closer to your dreams and aspirations? Do you ever feel like you are constantly struggling but can’t seem to make any headway?

Feeling stuck is something we all struggle with at some point in life. But, unfortunately, it can end up with us feeling downright frustrated and utterly defeated. Sometimes, you might want to giving up on your dreams because you start to think that maybe you will never be able to make it. But instead of giving up, do something different.

I also personally, at various points of time, felt similar about giving up.

And there were few things that I have done differently, which helped me approach my goals and achieve them.

So today, let me share all seven ways which may help you or someone you know struggling with a similar state.

#1 Zoom out: 

Sometimes, we get so fixeted in our problem that it becomes tough to see anything outside immediate the problem. Because we are inside the issue, we can’t see any way out. Please think of this being trapped in a maze, so when you are in a particular block, you cannot see anything outside of it; hence you can’t see any way out.

Instead of that, if you could see beyond the block, you might be able to find a way out. To find a way out, you need to distance yourself from the problem temporarily and immediate emotional charges, whether fear, frustration, anger, etc. Once you do that, you can think about the situation more clearly.

Try meditating or going for a walk to clear your mind. Spend some qulity time in nature, see if you can focus on a solution more quickly.

#2 Let go of the past: 

We often feel stuck because we are afraid of repeating our bad experiences, past mistakes, or failures. Because we have failed so often, we start to think that we will always forget. We associate ourselves with what we perceive to be our past experiences, so we do nothing to prevent potential mistakes or failures. But dwelling on the past is, like you know, only serve us to mess up our present and future. We need to remember, in a way, that we tend to only learn from our past but don’t let it control our today and tomorrow.

So if you find being stuck in your past, ask yourself – if you had woken up this morning with amnesia, if you knew nothing about your history or anything that came before today, what would you do? How would you address it or approach the situation you are currently facing? And what would be your next steps?

#3 Reframe the story: 

Reframing the situation doesn’t change the situation for real but changes your approach towards looking at it. We mostly feel stuck because we look at the problem with the same perspective, lens, point of view. But if we change our approach, we might come with a few solutions and options that does help us move forward in our lives.

So think of it this way, if you could wave a magic wand and have everything exactly the way you thought about it, what would have been your ideal resolution to the situation you are into right now? Take time to focus on the detail. Most importantly, how would you feel in perfect condition? If you take 5-10 minutes daily to connect with the energy of your ideal solution or the storyline, it will help you find a way through your current situation.

#4 Reprogram your mind: 

Over a while, we learn a particular pattern of behaviour. When we face a specific type of situation, we tend to react in a certain predictable way, and it’s a normal human tendency.

Our minds are programmed to do that way, and usually, this automated program actually help us in our life, freeing up our mind to focus on other things. But we feel stuck sometimes because those patterns or scripts we have been running aren’t helpful anymore. This is because the programme’s environment has changed, but the script never gets upgraded. So we stop valuable programming functions, and they mess things up as bug programmes always do.

In this case, being stuck is less about the situation than what we habitually respond to. So if we stop being on autopilot mode and readily take an objective outlook at the problem, we will find new solutions that we would have overlooked or never noticed before.

#5 Take a break: 

Sometimes, the best thing to do is to take a break when you find that whatever you are doing, nothing is working out the way you want. This is because the pace of life today is faster than it has been ever before, and we are busy doing something or the other – be it our mind, our body, everything.

We keep doing this because we fear being left behind. We often compare our experiences with our peers. We want to participate and win in the race of life. But, while doing so, we tend to lose track of the inner compass pointing us in the right direction.

So please make a point to schedule ME time where you can slow down and find some stillness, silence and think about what is happening in your life right now; reconnect with the inner compass at the centre of yourself and recharge your extended battery. It’s crucial to move forward in our life.

#6 Get focused: 

If you constantly feel like you are scrambling, trying to stay on top of everything but at the same time, you do not see any result you want, and you might be probably dealing with a lack of focus. When energy is scattered, you are trying to do everything, be everywhere, all at once. You are likely to get no results if you continue to do so. You frantically try to make headway but what you need to do in this situation is slow down. Gather your focus; think of it as a sunbeam shining on a piece of paper and warming it up versus the sun being focused to a point through a magnifying glass and making it burn into flames.

So pick up things to concentrate all your action power. Please give yourself a deadline for it, and then dedicate yourself entirely to one thing at a time until it’s done and only then move to another.

#7 Allow yourself to feel: 

Being stuck is a feeling that most of us experience. But it is essential to understand that it’s just part of the process. Sometimes, it is the primary state of our mind before something big is to happen. For example, if you find yourself stuck, the Universe will announce when you are on the verge of significant changes. Even though we are not usually aware of this, we feel overwhelmed when the change is upcoming. We think something needs to be done, but we don’t have any clear idea or sense of how to change things. So that frustrating, uncomfortable feeling tells us our energy is shifting around us and makes us feel restless and unsettled. The only way to get free with this is to be patient and feel it fully!!

And if you are going through this state, take a walk, write a journal, meditate, paint, spend ME time so that you finally get through this feeling.

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