Understand yourself

Life is a rollercoaster ride. We go through good as well as bad times. While moving ahead in this journey called life, we get stuck in situations where we get confused or maybe we dont understand how to move ahead in the right direction.

Well to make your life a little simpler, i am here to sort your issues. Don’t worry, i am not going to judge you instead i would love to have a talk with you regarding your problems or complications you are facing.

My conversations will be not a typical school class where you are taught the basics but majorly an interactive session where we will find out the root cause of the problem and solve it together. We won’t run away from the situation instead face it together. Trust me, it’s normal to feel stuck because we all are humans and yes we are not perfect so

If this sounds exciting, let me introduce you to my sessions where you can enroll according to your suitable timings.

1-on-1 coaching

It will be a 30 hour discussion over the video call. It will include question and answer round where you can discuss your issues and queries without any hesitation.
You can either opt for this and even you can reach out to me on Instagram personally.
I am available for you so kindly book your slot accordingly and let me be your new best friend. You can open your heart out and trust me, you will feel much better.

Group coaching

I even conduct group sessions so feel free to enroll whenever you feel like.
I would be lucky to have a conversation with you. Life has much more to it so being a life coach and a manifestation host, I would love to know you.